Find willow our cockapoo



On 30th September beautiful Willow the cockapoo went missing whilst out on a walk with her dog walkers on Biggleswade common, this was totally out of character.  After a huge social media search, which saw an £1800 cash reward plus £5000 pet store vouchers, all leads unfortunately didn’t bring Willow home.  There have been many suspicions since Willows disappearance that confirm things just don’t add up.  Feared stolen massive searches with tons of people and even sniffer dogs were launched into the area where Willow disappeared but no trace of her being there were ever found.  Owners Hayley & Ross learnt the devastating news last week that poor Willow’s decomposed body had been found dumped.  The worst possible scenario became a reality, again under extremely suspicious circumstances.   More details of which can be found by visiting the ‘Find willow our cockapoo’ facebook page, which with over 15,000 followers has touched the heart of so many people nationwide throughout this distressing journey.

Dispite the recent warnings from Bedfordshire Police regarding the the spate of recent dog thefts in the area Willow’s owners have been advised twice that they will not launch an investigation because no-one actually saw Willow being taken.  There are a number of occurrences which prove foul play was at hand here (one of which was the fact that her microchip was not present) and as its actually against the law in this country to mistreat a dog in the UK why is an investigation not under way?  Please help by signing this petition and sharing amongst your friends so Hayley & Ross can finally get some closure.  Darling Willow was cremated today (Wed) lets help get some answers.

Thank you all x

You can sign the petition by following this link http://bit.ly/dogWillow

You can like there Facebook page here http://on.fb.me/1wAqlas




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